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Sanitization at Schools – What the wine shop can teach us

As a student, it was very difficult for me to sit in one place during my school days. I can imagine how difficult it is for students, especially during this lockdown period starting from the end of March 2020. This lockdown has taken all of us through such a tough situation which literally required each one of us to stay put inside our homes. Keeping the kids engaged primarily would have been the biggest challenge for many parents. One major advantage is that this lockdown also helped us to practice good cleaning habits. Overall many of us have emerged as citizens who now are taking good care of hygiene and have started following handwash routines.
But somewhere down the line, all may not seem well, once we all start moving out again. Just, for instance, today while I am writing this post on 4th April 2020, I have seen umpteen number of images where people are queuing up outside wine shops. I wish the owner of the premises had envisaged this situation and have sanitized his premises well in advance. This would have helped in curtailing the risk of the spread of the corona virus. But now we don’t know how far this impact is going to be. This is such a terrible situation.
Now imagine, if it was a school or a coaching institute or a university which would reopen and it’s natural that all the students would come back with great vigor seeing school life back to normal.
Under such circumstances, it’s always prudent to look at sanitization as a regular routine to keep the virus away.
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