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Office, the second home for many… Will it remain same?

While office spaces across the world are preparing themselves to get back to work slowly and steadily in months to come, there is a lot of thought being spared on how would the post-pandemic work culture emerges. Suddenly there would be a rise in skepticism amongst staff. The security would be taking the call on which direction one would be going within office space, to run work-related errands. The seating arrangement, the partitions, the cabins, cubicles space between workstations, and the walkway will all wear a virtual new look. Not sure of the group lunch, the coffee discussions and casual walks outside the office will start soon.

In such a scenario it becomes more relevant to keep the office spaces well sanitized so that as and when staffs start working they may feel the same comfort with which they were working before the lockdown. For the head of the profit center, the best way to keep employees engaged fruitfully is to provide an assurance of a sanitized workplace so that their comfort aids productivity. However strict guidelines need to be followed by staff once they are out of home, in transit to the office.

The office is a second home for many staff. An equal or more than an equal amount of time is spent in the office, in comparison to the time they spend at home A healthy and safe work environment will for sure keep the staff happy.

SanittNation administrator